Hannah Gale

Dr. Gale began studying Chinese Medicine and Alternative Medicine at 18 years of age, following a near-death illness and hospitalization.  With the help of acupuncture and other natural healing methods, she managed to restore her own health and reverse her condition. After the birth of her son she trained as a Waldorf teacher.  She has taught at Waldorf schools in both Chicago and Connecticut for over 10 years.  She then became an avid student and practitioner of Anthroposophical Medicine.

She then returned to her studies and achieved a Master of Science in Acupuncture and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine the University of Bridgeport.  While at the University of Bridgeport she began to specialize in homeopathy under the guidance of Dr. Florence McPherson and Dr. Eleanor Herschberger.  She continues to study homeopathy with Robert Street of the Maher Baba Free Homeopathic Dispensary and Dr. Carina Lopez, and also utilizes Anthroposophical homeopathic combination remedies. She also interned at the Center for Excellence in Generative Medicine under Dr. Peter D’Adamo and believes strongly that connecting research and Naturopathic Medicine allows for better outcomes for patients. Dr. Gale utilizes the principals of the Blood Type Diet, as well as the new techniques for analysis of DNA polymorphisms, and gut bacteria profiling, to help a broad range of patient issues.

Dr. Gale also has an avid interest in research and wrote her thesis on the new science of epigenetics and the epigenetic effects of many commonly used nutraceutical supplements. By adding an understanding of the epigenetic mechanisms of turning on and off protein manufacture to an understanding of the fundamentals, Dr. Gale uses nutraceuticals and herbs more effectively and with a deeper understanding. Her constant research and scholarship help her to unravel the disease process in complicated patients and achieve success with recalcitrant cases.​